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TH Allergen deals only with high quality preparations. Our product portfolio contains more than one thousand positions. We offer a broad spectrum of vaccines, test kits, allergens, sera, immunoglobulins for diagnostic and treatment of emergent diseases like Yellow Fever, Ebola, Lassa, Marburg, Machupo, Dengue, Cremean-Congo, West Nile, Hantaan and Rift Walley.
We are proud to declare quite reasonable prices for the vaccines, sera, and other preparations we sell. Carrying client’s overall comfort, we have a flexible system of discounts.
We are equipped with modern refrigerating and storage facilities allowing for delivery of our products in strict compliance both with cold-chain and general requirements.
For more information about prices, delivery and other details, please, contact us.
Today top preparations
Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia has recently registered sublingual allergoids in tablets for allergy treatment - LAIS Grass and LAIS Dermatophagoides manufactured by Italian company Lofarma S.p.A. LAIS Grass is intended for treatment of grass pollen allergy whereas LAIS Dermatophagoides is indicated for people with dust mites allergy. Nowadays patients are usually prescribed injections or sublingual drops, which are not as convenient in use as sublingual tablets for allergen-specific immunotherapy. Therefore, the launch of LAIS allergoids is a great leap in allergy treatment.
The efficay of LAIS Grass and LAIS Dermatophagoides was proven by an enormous number of clinical trails performed throughout the world as well as through the study of these preparations perfromed in the State Institute of Immunology and Allergology under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
InSeptember 2013 ROSZDRAVNADZOR has awarded Trade House Allergenwith the Registration Certificate No RZN 2013/1222 for the medical devices intendedfor in-vitro diagnostics manufactured by Statens Serum Institute (Denmark)being the WHO-reference centre for E-coli. Now Trade House Allergen has in its product portfolioantisera andsets ofantisera for in-vitro diagnostics of infectious diseases caused by E-coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Pneumococcus, Haemophilusinfluenza, Streptococcus etc The exclusive rights obtained by Trade House Allergen via Agency Agreement signed with SSI Diagnostica give it unique possibility to supply the Russian controlling labs with high-quality diagnostic reagents which can be used during four years after opening.
TH Allergen offers a wide range of BACTERIOPHAGES highly specific viruses that affect their target bacteria. Bacteriophages for treatment and prevention of diseases are the latest word in the antimicrobial preparations containing the combination of polyclonal highly virulent bacterial viruses, having selective, antibacterial effect.
We offer intradermal BCG vaccine, KOKAV Rabies vaccine, VIANVAC (Vi-antigen polysaccharide typhoid vaccine). These vaccines totally meet WHO requirements and Russian national GMP standards. Note, that some Russian national standards for manufacturing of vaccines exceed WHO requirements and include additional control procedures.
TH Allergen offers ALLERGENS andALLERGOIDS for diagnostics and treatment. According to leading experts in diagnostics and treatment of polynosis, our allergens have high specific activity that ensures their diagnostic and therapeutic efficacy during skin testing and specific immunotherapy.
Among one of the popular and most-wanted Company’s preparations is Yellow fever vaccine manufactured in Russia and pre-qualified by WHO. The vaccine allows adult and children to acquire active immunity against Yellow fever virus and stimulates immunity against the virus within the period of 10-15 years. the Yellow Fever Vaccine is manufactured in 2, 5 and 10-dose presentation in English, Spanish, French ans Portugese packaging.
Yellow Fever Vaccine has already been registered in Guatemala. Currently theregistration process is undergoing in Egypt, Pakistan, Thailand which is at its final stage, and registration in India is under negotiation.

In 2012 -2103 Trade House Allergen supplied Yellow Fever Vaccine to Angola, Egypt, Guatemala, Cote d'Ivoire, Belarus. At present a contract for supply of this vaccine to India has already been signed.