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Joint Stock Company Trade House Allergen was founded in 1998 as a branch of Stavropol Federal State Unitary Enterprise Allergen. Since that, January 19th  has become our special date.
In the beginning the main goal set was to promote and sell bio-medical products in the Central region of Russia. Little by little, TH Allergen has become a trade expert in immunobiological field of health care that sets top standards both for staff and equipment. Since 2001 we have been successfully participating in tenders to supply bio-medical products. Having started more than ten years ago from small supplies of allergens and anti-snake serum, currently Trade House Allergen accounts for 15% of immunobiological products sales in the Russian market. From year to year the Company’s total sales tend to increase significantly (approx. by 20%).
Now we collaborate with the lead national and international companies and authorities. Our end customers include public health offices, diagnostic centers, hospitals, polyclinics and pharmacies located not only in Russia, but also worldwide. Geography of our supplies is constantly extending. We cooperate with companies from neighboring countries like Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Belarus as well as with companies from China, Middle-East, Latin America, Angola, Cote d'Ivoire and Europe both for export and import.
Trade House Allergen specialists even reached the coasts of Antarctica.