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Social Responsibility

TH Allergen obeys to its ethical and professional standards, which meet both national and international requirements. We support observance of rates and rules, prescribed by laws and international conceptions in health care, social, ecological, and business areas. We stay in a good relationship with state Russian research laboratories, public healthcare offices and other state institutions and we are always ready to do our best in providing any aid we can allow. We participate in different sponsorship projects to support both research work and people who need special immune care.
Our company is an equal opportunity structure, which provides each and every employee with possibility for sustainable professional growth and fair promotion. We have created favourable conditions to make our employees feel full-fledged team-players. Moreover, TH Allergen puts much effort to take care of its people’s social comfort, which among other things includes programs in the field of education, healthcare, sports etc.
Our business efforts help us to achieve best results in goals we set. Making people healthier, we are proud of what we are.