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First and unique anti-allergy vaccine in tablets has been recently registered in Russia

Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia has recently registered allergoids in tablets for allergy treatment - LAIS Grass and LAIS Dermatophagoides manufactured by Italian company Lofarma S.p.A. The preparations were awarded the Registration Certificates No. ЛП-001400 and No. ЛП-001303 respectively.
The first and unique anti-allergy vaccine in tablets Lais features a new and advanced technology. The result is translated into a vaccine with an enhanced immunological activity, coupled with an extremely easy handling. LAIS Grass is intended for treatment of grass pollen allergy whereas LAIS Dermatophagoides is indicated for people with dust mites allergy. Nowadays patients are usually prescribed injections or sublingual drops, which are not as convenient in use as sublingual tablets for allergen-specific immunotherapy. Therefore, the launch of LAIS allergoids is a great leap in allergy treatment. It is JSC Trade House Allergen Company, an exclusive distributor of Lofarma S.p.A. in Russia, who carried out all registration procedures. Lofarma has been developing and producing preparations for diagnostics and treatment of allergy since 1950. Its manufacturing site as well as its Head Office is located in Milan. Research and Innovation has always characterized the activities of Lofarma, with activities often conducted in collaboration with the most representative research centers, including the National Center for Research and university research institutes Italian and foreign. The intensive research and development has enabled Lofarma to develop industry-leading products. Lofarma is International: In addition to a significant industrial development, commercial expansion of Lofarma, which began in the '80s, now takes the form: Lofarma is a small multinational company present in Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Albania, Mexico, Argentina , and the United States.
Published: 20.02.2012
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