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Moscow Central Scientists House: Vaccinology 2010

On November 9-10, 2010 the Central Scientist’s House in the very heart of Moscow hosted the Annual National research-to-practice conference “Vaccinology 2010”. Present at the conference were the Russian scientists and clinicists as well as the guests invited from foreign countries. Tarasevich State Institute of Standardization and Control of Biomedical Preparations played the lead role in organization of the event.

The program of the conference among other things invited leading immunologists, medical specialists, scientists and opinion-leaders to participate in discussions and debates dedicated to issues in such directions of research and studies as Vaccines, Allergens, Cytokines and other immunomodulators, Diagnostic preparations, Probiotics, Immunoglobulin, Bacteriophages and Quality assurance of analytical researches.

One of the most emotional was the discussion at the section of specialist in the field of allergology. Among foreign guests present at the section were Dr. Giovanni Mistrello, R&D Responsible of Lofarma S.p.A and Dr. Enrico Compalati, Genoa University allergologist-consultant from Italy. They presented the materials on latest grass and mites allergy treatment methods. Their innovations are related to sub-lingual immunotherapy (SLIT) by using monomeric allergoids chemically modified allergens. The monoid (monomeric allergoid) which maintains native allergen molecular size is particularly suitable to mucosal administration and most of all well tolerated in the gastric and systemic area. The numerous multi-central clinical trials proved the efficacy and safety of SLIT for both children and adults. Nowadays, LAIS preparation manufactured by Lofarma S.p.A is the only Sublingual Allergoid in tablets or drops for Oromucosal Specific Immunotherapy.

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Published: 23.11.2010
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