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KamRHO - Immunoglobulin anti-rhesus Rho (D)

«Trade House Allergen» is happy to present you «KamRHO» - immunoglobulin anti-rhesus Rho (D) manufactured by the Israeli biopharmaceutical company Kamada.

This product is intended for all Rh-negative women to prevent rhesus incompatibility during pregnancy, child birth or different forms of abortion. «KamRHO» is also administered to Rh-negative patients in the process of Rh-positive blood transfusion as well as in other specified cases. «KamRHO» is ready for use and does not require special dilution. Preparation does not contain preservatives, being a high-quality immunoglobulin anti-rhesus Rho (D) solution for intramuscular injection.

We store and ship all products in strict compliance with temperature regime of +2°C/+8°C. You are always welcome to receive more information about our products. Please, contact us

Published: 22.11.2010
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